HonorBound: Men of Promise is all about growing godly men. It is the Pentecostal ministry to men. Men have specific needs that must be met within the male context. HonorBound is targeting the spiritual growth in men, challenging them to recongnize God's call on their lives and be godly men.

HonorBound is not what a man does, it is who he is. It is a new way of looking at oneself as a godly man. HonorBound rests on four basic principles, all of which come from the Word of God. In John 5:23, Jesus declares that to honor Him is to honor our Father who is in heaven. In Matthew 15:4, the Lord also said that we are to honor our father and mother; and in this statement laid down a principle for honoring our families. And then the apostle Paul, in 1 Timothy 5:3, said we are to make provisions for those who are in need. In 1 Peter 2:17, the apostle Peter says we are to honor those who are in authority over us.

These four principles paint a picture of what it means to be an HonorBound man. At the very core of being HonorBound is the idea of honor in every sense of the word. If a man can look himself in the mirror and see himself as someone different, someone dressed in the full armor of God, fully ready to take on life as a man of honor, then we will have accomplished the vision set forth of HonorBound: Men of Promise.

Be an HonorBound Man.

A Man of Honor.

A Man of Promise.

HonorBound meetings are held every third Wednesday of the month.

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Don Hathorn

Men's Director


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